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Catamaran for sale -- Catalac 9M (England)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Catamaran for sale

Asking: £8000 (GBP)

S/V "Catspaw" is a Dover, England based Catalac 9M for sale by owner

The Catalac 9M is an affordable and spacious catamaran for sale by her owner. She is not only fun to sail, Catalacs are probably the safest cruising catamarans afloat. Catalac catamarans, with over 600 boats built, have never had a catamaran capsize and are still crossing oceans today.

This boat needs a bit of work. The owner has done a lot, but more needs to be done and the boat is priced accordingly. These boats have excellent sea handling qualities and is a very solid/stable boat underway. Additionally, with the draft of less than 1 meter and the ability to clear bridges as low as 8 feet with the mast down, there are not many places this boat cannot go.

A great entry level cruising catamaran, in need of an owner who will complete the refit. Americans note: this boat is located in England. Click the link for details.

Catamaran for sale -- Prout 37 Elite (Canada)

Catamaran sailboats for sale

Sailing Catamarans for sale

Asking: 99,000 (Euro)

S/V ZWOI is a Ontario Canada 1998 Prout 37 Elite Catamaran for sale by owner

S/V ZWOI is a Ontario Canada 1998 Prout 37 Elite Catamaran for sale by owner. The Prout 37 Elite is an upgraded version of the renowned Snowgoose 37, but with a beam that is wider by 1 foot. It was built/ finished in 1998. This boat is not by any means a lightweight; the displacement is 5.500kg and heavier than many monohulls of similar length. The hulls are solid GRP below the waterline and cored from the waterline up.

This is a one owner boat. Ordered and customized by her current owners, who have sailed her for 20 years. If a man keeps a boat 20 years, you know it's a good one.

She is full of both design innovations and common sense ergonomics. This boat has two cabins, 1 head and a customized workshop version layout.

This catamaran has already made: 300 Locks in Europe, the whole ICW plus over 100 Locks in USA & Canada (Rideau Canal & Trent Severn Waterway). The Mast Holders are stored on board. If you are a serious bluewater cruiser, and have plans to travel far, this high quality catamaran for sale by owner is a must see.

Catamaran for sale -- Stiletto GT (USA)

Catamaran sailboats for sale

Sailing Catamarans for sale

Asking: $39,600 (USD)

S/V "Renegade" is a Hudson, NH based 1983 Stiletto GT Catamaran for sale by owner.

This Stiletto GT is the finest of four examples in existence. A good day is 20+ knots. Top recorded speed 27 knots. Go big or go home. Wider (16'), taller (39' mast off a Stiletto 30') with dagger boards, 15 HP Merc in engine pod [...]

Custom trailer expands to full beam width for assembly of Renegade. 8’ mast holders, with forward one able to be raised another 4’ feet for use as a gin pole.

Owner delivered boat by sailing from NYC to Salem MA in four days in comfort and always with Plenty of day light left in each day before laying over each night. Last few days, winds built to 20+ knots, mostly beam and broad reaching, at times surfing(opening to Buzzards Bay, West of Cuttyhunk. 10’ rollers, boat speed was already 20+ knts, so didn’t notice them immediately). This cat surfs nicely, nice balance of forward hull volume to keep bows from submerging, yet high aspect ratio at the waterline. No reefing was needed, since the main sail is designed for up to 25 knots(has one deep reef set for anything higher). This cat took it all in stride without any sign of effort. Just speed. All controls lead to cockpit, so single handed sailing is possible.

Catamaran SOLD!! -- Beneteau Blue 2 (USA)

Catamaran SOLD!!

Sailing Cat SOLD!!

Asking: $75,000 (USD)

S/V Sans Souci is a Texas based 1987 Beneteau Blue 2 catamaran SOLD!!

S/V Sans Souci is a 1987 Beneteau Blue II catamaran for sale by owner. These aren’t well known boats but all would agree that the boats are attractive and they were built tough as nails. The boat is actually made in three pieces; the two hull / cabin structures and the main salon. You could theoretically blow out the main salon and the boat would still be rigid.

This was Beneteau’s first step in building catamarans, and they were built as performance boats, so Beaneteau built them rugged. Her hulls are narrow, much narrower than other boats in their class, but then again no boat in this class can hit 13 knots in 25 knots of wind (it's been said that a well-canvassed Blue 2 in a good breeze can touch over 18 knots downwind). These are comfortable, rather fun boat under sail.

So, if you’re willing to sacrifice the condo feel of the larger boats yet still expect to make damn near 200 miles a day in a 34’ boat, then this is a catamaran for sale by owner, you must have a look at.
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Catamaran SOLD!! -- PDQ 32 Altair Classic (Mexico)

Catamaran SOLD!!

Sailing Catamaran SOLD!!

Asking: $100,000 (USD)

S/V Niche is a Mexico based 2000 PDQ 32 Altair Classic catamaran SOLD!!

The PDQ 32 is one of the most sought after small cruising catamarans which rarely appear on the market. The design of the PDQ 32 achieves a lot for a small catamaran as they offer dual queen size berths in aft cabins in (a very smooth position) and a good size salon in their 32 foot LOA.

The construction of this catamaran for sale is excellent as they were built with pride, are very solid, yet expert use of materials and construction techniques keeps the hull weight low. The center cockpit is deep and well protected with a hardtop bimini. There are watertight compartments built into the hulls fore and aft. Not only are they well built, they perform like a much larger boat. The narrow, easily driven hulls of the PDQ 32 as well as their modest displacement and the retractable four-stroke outboards deployed from pods beneath cockpit lockers, result in 6.5 knot cruising speeds.
PDQ catamarans are valued as excellent all-round cruising boats. The boats are well engineered, solidly built and purpose-designed for serious family cruising with safety in mind as all of the through-hulls are in a bulkheaded compartment, so a broken fitting is not a problem.
All in all a very desirable pocket cruising catamaran. This catamaran for sale by owner is loaded with all the right equipment. Click for details.
catamaran sale listings, Cruising catamaran for sale by owner, sailing catamarans for sale, multihulls for sale

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