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Admiral 38 catamaran

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Few builder pages have been completed ... but... I'm working on it -- Rick

As you can imagine, there have been many good cruising catamarans designed over the years, built by outstanding builders, and which have all withstood the test of time. These pages in no way claim to cover all of them. Instead I have attempted to assemble, in detail, a representation of popular catamaran models, let's call this my list of the Top 100 cruising catamarans.

The global catamaran marketplace has been driven by the large charter companies, and this list refects the large sized catamaran bias that exists in the real world. Builders design and build boats for their market, and there is none larger than the charter market. The exception to this rule are Catalac Catamarans, but only because I found myself the designated repository of all things Catalac related.

Australia Designers are admittedly under represented here, but not because they don't have many excellent boats... they certainly do!! Australia just doesn't have a significant pleasure boat catamaran builder base, as many of their boats have been built by independent builders, or are sold in kit form. It is impossible to determine consistant build quality. Seawind is certainly on the list.

The boat model information in this section has been provided to me by the individual boat owners, from 2005 to the present, not by the catamaran builders, and newer models will be added as time permits.
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